Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello today has been a nice day,it was 32 this morning but warmed up,we opened windows and aired house out.I did not sleep well last night due to fibro pain.At least I had a few good days those I am thankful for,today has been hard again with pain.My son went with a friend to Fla to help pick up a car he is 31 years old and still at home,we will miss him.May his trip be a safe one,I pray .
We cleaned,cooked,washed.


make bed/clean sheets
clean bathroom
med and vitamins
lunch -soup
animals fed,water,out
vacuum rug,furniture-dh
mop -dh
clean throws-dh
clean air conditioner filter-dh
cleaned out container of things and put away
air out house-windows open-dh
cleaned under bed
candle,poppuri put in room,and clutter out of bedroom
Empty room trash cans
rescuded house 2 x
rescue kitchen 3x-dh
paper clutter shredded
oib-filed bills
sink shined
litter pans-dh
cleaned side tables of paper,books,ect
cleaned up desk
clothes out
pamper-watch tv and bed early
hot spots for night

Hugs Linda

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