Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God Is Good

Thank you my friends , for the prayers said for us.God has lifted the burden and all is well.The DA and judge have dropped the charges the reviewing of tape showed the attack made on him by step father.
It is erased from my sons background record,which is very important for he is a firefighter and has to have a clean background,he had just been investigated by F.B.I.,as a requirement for his position in the fire dept.He has never been in any trouble not even a ticket he is 32 years old.
We have decided to move from here as family members will not stop what they are doing and we can not take the stress any longer,it has been 5 years of uncalled for torture and using our son for their target to get at me to break me, but I will not put him through anymore so we have decided to sale and start life else where.
God forgive my mother,step father,and youngest daughter they one day will stand before him knowing what they have done and the evilness that they have done.I have placed it in Gods hand so I surrender it to him too deal with.Thank you for being with me in my time of need,God Bless you all.

Mothers Day

Was celebrated quitely at our house.We cooked at home and all for this weekend we are meeting our oldest daughter and grand daughter who live in Virginia.We are meeting for a week camping trip,then back home at our house and on to Troy University in Alabama to check it out for our oldest daughter is now moving to Alabama so grand daughter is moving with them.They have been in army for almost 19 years,her husband has to go to Korea for a tour of duty and then they are retiring to Alabama thats were they consider home my children for we lived there when they were children,it will be nice to have her near.
So I wanted to celerbrate with them.
I did recieve gifts from son and hubby I got some short outfits,sandles,socks,bird bath for garden,and a plug for notebook for the car for charging batteries.
My guys were good too me.
Hope you all had a good Mothers Day!Hugs,Linda

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have Been Tagged

7 Things MEME Tag

I was tagged by Kate for this 7 Random Things MEME

Here are the rules as passed on - Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven people to tag and list their names.Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1.I have been married 40 years to high school sweetheart
2.I graduated in 1966
3,I was engaged to first sweetheart and was to be married on graduation night but he was killed in Viet Nam
4.That I dabbled in writing a novel and many poems
5.That I will soon be 60
6.That I had 4 children
7.That I have a board Grandma's Country Cottage on exco boards and love it.

I pick:
1. Lorie
2. April
LOL I don't know 6 people on blogger LOL

Monday, May 07, 2007

Please pray for My Son and us.

Prayers for family and son desperately needed: My son and a store clerk are facing perjury charges for telling the truth.Yes a judge ordered this due to a possible bad tape or a tampered one the police now say.
Mt step father attacked my son a few weeks ago in a store that was witnessed by a store clerk who told the police that night and the judge the same.That night they got her statement,tape,and sons statement,the officer on duty didn't want to arrest him due to family.But with this man he is impossible he will not stop with out intervention,the next day he followed my son and harrased him again.My son posted a resticed order on him that this same judge told him too.And also same judge told us we needed no lawyer when step got one
Their has been bad blood between me and my step since I was a girl due to molestation and attempted rape which he confessed to my Mother because I had confided to boy friend who is my husband of 40 years now.They were both alcoholics as was my father he died when I was 14 and the molestion got worse then.
My Mother at the time turned on me with "What is the big deal you are probally doing it with Boyfriend"But to stay near my mother,sister and brother I lived with it for over 40 years.
Five years ago my mother and step moved to Georgia when my steps liver went he and my mother were alcoholics,they got here started trouble with my family and our younger daughter who thinks of only material things and money.Which my mother and step hold over her.My younger sister and brother both died in 2000 with cancer so I was only one left to inherrite they are quite wealthy,but I could bow no longer it got worse the punishment once my siblings died,and they made my life misserable so it ended up with them not speaking to me for 18 months until I got a death bed call on step I went to his bedside,he survived we talked for a few months daughter and all then step brought up past said I asked for it ect a bunch of lies,my Mother once again stood with him.I kissed her goodbye told her I loved her and left this time they did not speak to me for almost 3 years.Then a few months ago I got a death bed call from step my Mother wanted me,so I drove 5 hours to hospital she was in .My husband,son, went with me,my step treated us terrible and our daughter went to hotel and would not face us.I sat with my mother and told her I loved her.
I called everyday for 5 days to check on her until my step answered the phone and told me not to call anymore and to leave her alone.I was devasted my hubby called hospital next day to see if I misunderstood,my Mother told him she could not upset step so once again I left her alone.The next day our daughter called and appoligised to me for them doing me that way and she told my mother that was wrong said my mother would call me when she got home when step was not around.My daughter continued to call afterward.She has spread some visious lies on her brother,she has wanted him out ever since he graduated my son is 32 never married and at home he has moved out but came back he was to lonesome,but he is a big help to us.But daughter is very jealous of him for no reason.Her older sister and his also sees nothing wrong with him being at home with us.
My oldest daughter has told her since this has happened to son she wants no more to do with younger sister.It breaks my heart to see my children split.
But now a innocent clerk for telling the truth and my son for asking for a order for step to leave him alone have been charged with perjury by judge becaus he could not see step hitting my son clerk tried to tell judge the displays hid steps attack it was shot from front and my son is taller and muscular,you could see my son lifting his arm to ward off blows to his face.
We live in a small town the police told us if it doesn't show blows the tape has been tampered with it was given to steps lawyer.Before court lawyer was in chambers with the judge. The judge came out right away that witness and son were lieing,he was going to lock them up too change their story.The clerk held to her story so did son even with the judge baggering them.I never saw a judge act this way.
So if this goes down it is in DA hands now this poor girl who was innocent bystander just working and my son will go to prison.Also my son will lose his certifation as a firefighter,
for it is a felony so his carrer as a fire fighter is over.
We have hired a lawyer to fight for son,we can do nothing for the clerk till son is finished.But we don't know if she has family to help her or what,but we will go to bat financialy or whatever for this poor innocent girl such a shame.We did have a friend call her employees to let them know she was a brave young person.
Please pray that our Savior and Lord will protect my family and see judice done.Hugs,Linda