Monday, March 26, 2007

Been Busy here Lately!

I have been busy lately I coach , some of us ladies each morning on Fly Lady cleaning,yes I still Fly I would be lost without it.Things here are a little nuts my step father attacked my son in a convenience store ,my son did not hit him just protected his face,and told him to stop hitting him this is a man who likes to have power over everyone.So my son is having a restraning order put on him so he can not come within 500 yards of him.He hates to do this but there is no way to stop this mans harasment.It is so sad.I have not been to see my Mother in 3 years due to this man.And I went to hospital 3 hours up the road when I was called she might die for this my step father got mad and attacked my son.They live about 8 miles from me.My Mother allows his behavior,he has ran off my sister and brother before they died and I was last one to go.Growing up as a child this man has cussed,abused and terrorized me.Three years ago he attacked me verbally again over his wrongs of abuse of me so I left my Mothers house kissed her and said I loved her.I heard nothing from her for 3 years,until last week when they put her in hospital for blood clots and she made him come,I went to see her and called hospital every day till he answered and told me not to call her anymore to leave her alone.I thought I had herad wrong and did not want to hurt my mother so hubby called and asked had I heard right.My Mother said yes and for me not to call her.I was hurt and stunned then the attack on my son,they have turned my youngest daughter with promise of money and my sil and her are money hungry.My oldest is very upset on how her sister is doing us and can not understand her for she knows how my Mother and step father are.They are not nice people.So please join me in prayer for they are trying to make trouble for my son at fire department with annomus calls of bad driving which the fire dept can not have nor the drama.He has worked so hard for this for some crazy family to ruin it for him.So I Praying for a quick end to it all the judge will decide what to do arrest or restrain.But being a small place they make their own laws so plese Pray for my family.Hugs,Linda