Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well hello! Yes Kate I have not updated my blog in awhile, I did forget blogs while on boards.Hope they are safer LOL!
Well this week has been a bad one again! As I discovered more false internet friends on the boards ,but I will continue as I have some that are good,and true Christian women. and will keep in touch with them.
One did not believe in God,which I had no knowledge of until she stated it boldly on a board while mad. And one who has control issues.I asked to be deleted from those two boards last week.
The one I called a friend and a good person who proclaims to be of high morals and a true Christian,and believer in her faith( I have know her for at least a year or more, when I first got on boards), invited the one who does not belive in God to discuss a person for which is the reason several of us took leave of rooms for.(she destroyed one ladies board out of malice)so the one who we thought was our friend and owner of board allows the one who states she does not believe in God to tell us we should do this or that and let our friend bring this one who has caused trouble on our friends board on the boards.
The one I thought was a good person in her faith, hid behind God and her faith to let one of these do evil in the room and cause alot of people to be hurt.People who had stood for her against many bad things on the net with her while she was hurt but she chose a person in the room who said she did not believe in God.I asked to be deleted from her room too.
Well I don't know but I do feel that being around people like that and calling them friend is not being true to her God,or herself as she lied through emails to me, that proclaimed friendship and not wanting to hurt and using God and faith as a shield well this is hyprocrital and blasmethy I do feel
I do wish her the best for at one time I thought she was a frind on internet but I can not believe how she is leading her life and calling it Chrisitian,I am trying hard not to judge for God will be her judge not me,but I am hurt and sad.And will pray she realizes who these people are before she loses her soul in something dark and evil.
Another friend and board owner decided to close her board due too needing more family time and time to fellowship with her faith,for her I hold true respect and love for her and will stay in touch through blogs.
So all of my boards were gone within the week,this has been my life and way to chat with other ladies due to disablities that don't let me be too mobile,so I will deeply miss them and friends who have promised to keep in touch.I did find one board that is a Christian board,so I hope this will hold true.Please pray for me for a healing of trust and forgiveness(which in my heart I have forgiven)
Sorry for the vent.Hugs,Linda


Kate said...

Not knowing the full situation of what happened, I don't know that I can really comment . . . but remember that even Christians aren't perfect . . . we are all still works in progress! :)


No I know we are all still works in progress,but I do know to deliberatly lie,and hurt other people and call myself a true Christian in the same sentence is wrong.Only God is perfect this I know.Hugs,


Well feeling much better I have prayed and wrestled with hurt and anger and have found peace within myself.

April said...

I am happy to hear you have found peace now Linda. I have been praying for yah!


Thank you April.Hugs