Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving Get away!!!

Hello and hope your holiday was a good one.We had a great time the Rv Park was great!We ate to much LOL!!!Shopped,laughed and just had a great time.We are now getting ready for our getaway during Christmas.The weather was great cool but no rain.We did Christmas shopping and I am finished with most of it now just a few things for hubby and son.
It was my youngest sons birthday the 26,we could not believe his birthday dinner he wanted was cici's pizzaLOL!!Cheap enough!
Our daughter and grandchildren in Virgina called and made it a complete good holiday!
We cooked the Turkey dinner and fixins and sure enjoyed it,Every morning I woke up to have coffee while looking at the lake and ducks so pretty.
Sure hope you all had a great Holiday!
God Bless and Hugs,Linda


April said...

glad to hear your thanksgiving was great! Ours was good, we ate at my moms house. I love cici's too.. we ate there with my MIL this last saturday.. (3 nights ago) it was fun, and I saw my old HS buddy there too..


My son wanted CICI's it was his Birthday LOL he was 32 years old.
We had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time.