Monday, April 30, 2007


Well I have been trying to get ready for summer with some cooler clothes seems the stores think we are all size 10 LOL.But I finally found some shorts that come to the knees,and not short shorts.It is in the 90 in Georgia already.My son is busy fighting fires from brush fires.If you have been hearing about the big fire here in Georgia that has been burning for weeks well that is near us it has burned 165 thousand acres(that is over 100 miles of land,it has burned 22 houses so far but luckily no firefighters have lost their life nor anyone else.My son has been down fighting that fire .We need rain so bad and none expected.I would like to ask you all to remember our state in prayer for rain to douse this fire and help for the families out of their homes due to burning down or being in danger of burning.Hugs,Linda


Kate said...

The wildfire sounds scary . . . you and those involved will be in my prayers *HUGS*

April said...

yes I heard on the radio about the fire. had no idea it was near you. Your family and those involved will be in my prayers too. Yes we need rain out here so bad! All our plants are dying too. hard to keep up with the scorching heat. our pool from last yr got chewed by the dog so we had to throw it out. what I would give, for a pool right now!!
hugs! love ya!


TY Ladies.Hugs,Linda