Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sad Sad!

Well the Virginia Tech University is a very sad event and will be long remembered,My prayers are with the students,family,teachers during these hard days of grief.It hit home with us.As my Grand Daughter goes to a University very close to VT.She went to high school with many of the VT students.So far she has found most of her friends safe and still some not accounted for.This has hit many college students hard,she says it has stunned them in Dorms,she lives in a dorm at her college,that someone could do something like that.So it has affect far more than VT.I feel so bad for the young lives with dreams of a future cut short so needlessly,SAD !May God Bless them all.and ease their family and friends loss.
I have been having allot of pain with Fibromyalgia,and busy still coaching fly lady.
We go to court the 15 of may with step father and the attack of my son,my son is seeking relief from stalking of him by my step and also of his attack another sad day when my Mother stands by this man,I can not and have never understood her.Hope you all are doing well.Hugs,Linda


Kate said...

*HUGS* It is a sad world we live in with school shootings, abusive family, etc.
Thank goodness we have a loving God whom we can turn to for peace!
Know you're in my heart and prayers always!


Amen Kate!
It is a Bad world out there we must pray for everyone TY for remembering ne in prayer.Hugs,Linda

April said...

I am so sorry. your family will be in my prayers! I agree this world is scary. But the Lord loves us and will watch out for us. He loves you and your family and will watch out for them. your in my prayers
love ya!