Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Planning a Trip

We are going to meet our oldest Daughter who lives in News-Port,VA,and Grand daughter in college, May 18 around Brunswick,Ga and going camping ,this is what they wanted to do. our daughter has been a Army wife for 19 years,and she will be moving to Alabama,after school lets out,she has lived far away all her married life she will only be 4 hours from us now.That is going to be nice to see more of her and grands,they have allot of plans this coming year.Her hubby will be in Korrea for a tour of duty for a year or more and then retire.So we are getting the RV ready again LOL!!!Hugs to all.Linda


Kate said...

What fun to plan a trip to visit family! Those are the best! :) I'm glad to hear your daughter and the grandkids will be closer to you! :)


Thank you Kate yes we are so happy.Hugs,Linda

April said...

sounds so much fun. can't tell when this thread was posted, but did you go on that trip yet? sounds like fun!