Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sleepy Day!

Well another day down,I am off to bed soon .I have been so tired since our trip to Columbus on Sept.11,2006,but at least Jimmy ,will not be
needing surgery again at least not now.But a trip of almost 400 mile in one day is too much for me.With the fibromyalgia it causes me trouble and more pain.The fatique has been so bad this wekk.I am sleeping alot.


Kate said...

*hugs* I'm sorry you're in pain and sleepy lately . . . I hope the weekend is better and that next week is even better than that!


Thank you so much Kate.I have had the fibromyalgia so long I am use to or try to be of the ups and downs with it.This flare will pass.Hugs,Linda

April said...

Hi Linda, just saw your blog posted at my blog! I love your blog theme.
well I too have been down due to the sickies! hope we all get to feeling better soon!! well I better go lie down. kids are still asleep except for josh who I am gonna go feed as well.