Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Well today has been a bad day for me.I found out and knew internet people are who they want to be at any given moment.I was old enough to know this.Well I will move on and just know God I learned a leson from it.I will grow and not become so involved again.It saddens me that people are so cruel and people fall for this cruelty,and believe every thing they are told.I guess it is in my case sickness.In others the same sickness,lonesome,needing an escape route from life,but we search for friends if only for awhile.As I saw ladies call them selves Christian yet hurt you so badly I started wondering and I guess God let me see for a reason,he has never led me wrong.So now I will forgive and place it in his hands and move on.


Kate said...

That's a hard lesson to learn sometimes . . . I think we (especially as Christian women) truly want to believe that everyone else is as honest as we are . . . and it breaks our hearts when we realise they're not . . . *hugs* to you.


Thank You Kate,
But I was too old to be fooled I really feel bad.
I guess you can teach a old dog new tricks.
But the person or persons are out of my internet life which is my one enjoyment.
I am perty much home bound so it is my escape from bad health.
Thank you for dropping by my blog it is appreciated.

April said...

so sorry what all happened. hopefully we can just put it in our past and move on. hugs! I love you both!