Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sons Surgery

Well my son went in the hospital for out patient surgery on July 17 to fix a ACL tear,I think thats the right order.He did great during surgery but afterward he would not wake up good and started being sick,so he ended up in hospital over night.
So we ended up staying the night because it was over 50 miles to hospital and we wanted to be close just in case so the hospital has deals with hotels for cheaper rates for people at hospital and their family so we got a nice room for 30 dollars and breakfast coupon for free breakfast for us 2 at hotels resturant,and it was good, so we figure we got a good deal LOL.
So the next day he was released that afternoon. and we came home.
He is not suppose to work but being the owner of his business he has had too.He has no employee insurance and his commercial mower is arm ran so he does not have to stand my hubby has been driving him,helping him on mower,and propping his leg up.And off he goes.My hubby has been doing weed eating and blowing walkways.He has allot of commercial accounts that have to be done.
So he is healing good the incision is nice and clean.And is being a good patient.Hugs,Linda


April said...

glad to hear your son is healing quickly.


Thank you April They took the stitches out Monday it looks good so far.Hugs,Linda

Anonymous said...

How are you Linda? Did you get my e-mail about my having the baby?

April said...

Linda, that last comment was by me. for some reason it didn't sign me in.


Ty April lol