Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Is Here

Well hello and I do believe Summer is here.It is really hot here in Georgia.101 degree weather and really dry.You may have watched on TV the fire in Georgia that jumped to Florida, time.
Well that was close to me and my Son,Donnie worked with fire department trying to put that one out.It was huge but they did get it out of town and in the woods,they saved allot of houses.And Thank God no one was killed during the month or more long battle. One fireman was hit by a truck,but it was moving slow do to the smoke and broke his leg,he is doing fine now.
We suffered a month of bad smoke though.

Well Donnie is setting up surgery date for his knee so that should be soon.
We will be in Georgia longer waiting for it to heal it will be a long healing.So please keep him in your prayers



Kate said...

Thanks for the update . . . know you're always close in thought and prayer. *HUGS*

April said...

I heard about one in GA a while back, near you I think but recently only heard about one at Lake Tahoe in california. Glad you and your family were safe!!