Saturday, June 16, 2007

Decisions :)

Well it has been one month!:( The step and family will not stop the harassment of my son Donnie.

Step Father got took into court for almost hitting a police officer he didn't see when he passed the rescue truck at a scene (he knew it was Donnie)he almost hit the police officer because he didn't see him and the police and highway patrol went after steps truck and SIL who was following step.
Donnie did not even see him he was working on victims at the accident it was a bad wreck.

Well he got contempt of court ,ect on him and my younger daughter for running mouth at judge and blaming Donnie.He ended up with 30 thousand in court fines and lawyer fees and he ended up put on probation ect.
This week he didn't move for the fire chief on the road,they were on their way to a wreck with 6 victims entrapped in a car and hurt bad.Once again he thought it was Donnie in the fire truc.He actually stopped the car at accident the scene.Donnie was cutting people out with jaws of life and putting them on boards,step was heading to Donnie when the chief stopped him and told him he was to leave the scene. He cussed this man for white trash,ect(Which this man is not in any way at all,told him he didnt have enough money to get him,( and the chief is a wealthy man LOL)much more than step. All this just to hurt my son.He is crazy.

But this time head chief in County,fire chief he passed,steps lawyer,chief of police and officer he almost hit,highway patrol went to judge and talked with him then went to steps house with steps lawyer present,he was told what was going to happen because judge had given orders So he got 6000 thousand in fines for what he did that day to fire chief.

So it has been crazy for us again.Now Donnie is on top of list to be hired for the county fire department which pays good money better than city,if he get chosen.

But if you remember a few months back Donnie had a 4 wheeler wreck where a drunk driver ran him off the road and he hurt his knee well it never got better.

Well not good Donnie has to have surgery
He has a torn ligament one football players get.L A tear I think Dr. said
He will be out of work 6-8 weeks no walking on it to much and it takes 3 months or more to completely heal SO....
doing some planning this is his busy season in landscaping if he can handle it he will wait till it slows down some but not sure yet he may go do it sooner.

We are doing what we can to help him.Being out of work isn't going to be good with his bills and this is for months,so....Will keep you updated.

Please pray for him to decide what to do and that we will be able to help him without the surgery he will not be able to do the physical requirments that he has to go to Atlanta Georgia for more intence training that is required for full time and more testing.

Sorry didn't mean to write a book LOL hope you all are doing good:)Hugs,Linda


Kate said...

I will continue to keep you and your dear ones close in thought and prayer! *HUGS*


Thank you so much Kate this just keeps my family under stress constantly.Hugs,Linda

April said...

I am so sorry he keeps harrassing ya'll. your in my prayers. also praying the surgery goes well for Donnie and that he gets the top position. how exciting.