Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God Is Good

Thank you my friends , for the prayers said for us.God has lifted the burden and all is well.The DA and judge have dropped the charges the reviewing of tape showed the attack made on him by step father.
It is erased from my sons background record,which is very important for he is a firefighter and has to have a clean background,he had just been investigated by F.B.I.,as a requirement for his position in the fire dept.He has never been in any trouble not even a ticket he is 32 years old.
We have decided to move from here as family members will not stop what they are doing and we can not take the stress any longer,it has been 5 years of uncalled for torture and using our son for their target to get at me to break me, but I will not put him through anymore so we have decided to sale and start life else where.
God forgive my mother,step father,and youngest daughter they one day will stand before him knowing what they have done and the evilness that they have done.I have placed it in Gods hand so I surrender it to him too deal with.Thank you for being with me in my time of need,God Bless you all.

Mothers Day

Was celebrated quitely at our house.We cooked at home and all for this weekend we are meeting our oldest daughter and grand daughter who live in Virginia.We are meeting for a week camping trip,then back home at our house and on to Troy University in Alabama to check it out for our oldest daughter is now moving to Alabama so grand daughter is moving with them.They have been in army for almost 19 years,her husband has to go to Korea for a tour of duty and then they are retiring to Alabama thats were they consider home my children for we lived there when they were children,it will be nice to have her near.
So I wanted to celerbrate with them.
I did recieve gifts from son and hubby I got some short outfits,sandles,socks,bird bath for garden,and a plug for notebook for the car for charging batteries.
My guys were good too me.
Hope you all had a good Mothers Day!Hugs,Linda


April said...

glad to hear the charges were dropped and that the prayers worked. :)
told you God loves you!! :)
Where will you be moving to? Alabama?
Glad your Mother's Day was good, and peaceful!


Dothan or nearby if we move now.