Thursday, February 08, 2007

Not Feeling Good

The last few days has been the pits,me and my son are sick with some kind of stomach bug,yucky.I had been busy in the house as usual.Well Tuesday my son is going for fire fighters test,he has been going to school and been a fire fighter volunteer he is hoping to be hired part time but hopes for full time position to if none of the others want full time.I am praying Our Dear Lord give him the knowledge he will need.He wants this so bad.He loves helping people and is a people person.He has had many bad things in his life happen and I so do pray this is meant for him.He wants this so badly,Friends please pray with me, if it's Gods will that he passes this written test and 2 minute to get in fire fighter gear.If he goes full time he will have to go to Atlanta for another test.So we will know next week if he passes the test.I am nervous for him.


Kate said...

I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well lately! *HUGS*
I pray your son will have his dreams fulfilled, but if not, that Father will comfort his heart and show him His plan for his life!


Thank you Kate.I am feeling some better.Thank you for your prayers.

Lorie said...

Sorry you are not feeling well!

Purplescraps said...

Hope you get better soon, Linda! I will keep your family in my prayers!