Friday, January 26, 2007

Time Is Flying

Wow I nearly for got this.This month has flown by and I have been busy.
My daughter had to have a hysterectomy she has 4 children and she was in allot of pain,the surgery went well and she did great.I Thank the Lord for being with her
We have really been blessed by the lord in keeping my love ones safe ,my son was in a 4 wheeler,he has a big 4 wheeler,well a drunk ran him off a track with a truck,he was not suppose to be on 4 wheeler track my son to avoid running into a tree or being hit head-on took to the ditch the bike went head first and came back down on top of my son,luckily another firefighter was with him and him and several there got the bike off him quickly as gas was pouring out of the 4 wheeler and onto him
He ended up bruised and a sprained leg and major road rash on side and arm ,shoulder,knee,leg,hip hurt.His leg was worst it wasn't broken but was a mess,badly swollen,bruised,sprained.They put a hard full leg brace on it.We are just so thankful it wasn't worse.So I am a thankful Mom this month.Hope everyone is doing well.I see Lorie hasn't had the baby yet but I am thinking of her.Take care Ladies.Hugs,Linda


Kate said...

Wow . . . I'm glad your son wasn't more severely injured in such a stupid (on the drunk driver's part) accident!
I'm glad that your daughter can be releived of her pain . . . did she have endometriosis?

Purplescraps said...

Glad your son is safe, and hopefully he will "heal" fast!!! Glad your daughter is okay as well. It sucks when you have women problems!


kymomoftwins said...

Yes, glad your son is safe and your daughter is doing better with pain. No I have not had baby yet. 6 more days!!!! Thanks for thinking of me.


Thank you all for your well wishes.My daughter is doing fine.Kate I don't know she was just having alot of painthey took the uterous and left her overies.Thank you on my sons accident yes the driver could have cared less if he was dead or alive,he ran.

Thank you Becky my son is doing some better,his knee is still swollen and the knee is still bad.My daughter is doing fine,she is glad it is over.

Lorie no baby yet oh my.Thank you so much the family is healing.