Saturday, December 09, 2006

Shopping Done!!!

Well I finished my Christmas shopping now to get it mailed out and thats it.
I have been in a lot of pain with fibromyalgia this week.:( I cuddled under the covers this morning with the heated mattress cover LOL in my PJ's LOL!!!Felt so good it was 18 degrees this morning.
Well know just to sit back and enjoy the rest of the holidays,I went out and saw a few lights at a friends was so pretty.
I am enjoying the Christmas music and shows on TV now.
My son has been going to fire house Christmas parties so me and hubby ate out a few times this week,LOL!!!He has one more this week I think.:)
I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday cheer that is in the air.Hugs,Linda


Kate said...

What a nice feeling to be DONE!!!! :) I hope that with that stress out of your life, your fibro pain will ease up and you can enjoy a nice holiday remembering the One who's birth we celebrate! *HUGS*


I am doing that Kate ,now I relax and just enjoy the season and meaning for it.Take care

April said...

that must be a relief! wish we did.